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Daidalos 2,5

Daidalos 2,5

€ 330 incl. shipping


Daidalos 2,5 is an electro glider often chosen for competitive flying for its successes on European level contests. The airplane was in development for several years. The support and feedback of the best pilots with many contests experiences helped to create a strong and light wing with special airfoil. It is very sensitive to thermic conditions with minimal decline and good penetration. Its properties also make it a great pick for leisure time use.

Positive core lamination is not as as precise as the molds technology, but we can offer you the best possible quality for a good price. The wing is lightly painted with signs (but no labels that would disturb the airflow). To add personality to your airplane you can choose from three attractive designs in combination of five colors.

The model features splitted wing with carbon joiner. We standardly deliver the product with prepared flaperons and ailerons including wires.

Wingspan: 2500mm

Airfoil: Own

Empty weight: 340g


Wing, tail: XPS core covered by fiberglass composite with carbon reinforcements.

Fuselage: Glass composite with carbon reinforcements.

Boom, V mount: Carbon composite.

Package contains: Wing, tail, boom, fuselage, V mount (DLG tail) carbon stick, screws.

We only sell our products. We do not provide any other accessories, or build the airplanes for our customers.

Shipping: Price includes shipping within Europe, Payment by PayPal or bank transfer. We can adjust the final price if you order more models to one address.

Design: Daidalos 2,5 is available in three color schemes.

Ellipses, stripes on each side of the plane, or big sign/stripes in any combination of these colors: red, orange, blue, white. You can also choose black for the lower part of the plane. In standard version there are two large stripes on the lower part of the airplane.

The price is the same for all colour and design choices.



Daidalos 2,5 is possible with classic +tail, DLG tail or V tail in red, orange, blue and white color.


Other parts: 


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